There is a saying that is Buddhist in nature, that to go out and try to acknowledge the 10,000 things in your life is useless, you will only become overwhelmed and exhausted. But if you allow the 10,000 things to come and acknowledge you, you will be filled by the source, by ten thousand rivers flowing effortlessly into your belly, your ocean of soul.

This is slightly hard for me to do at 4am when my monkeymind has already begun to spin. So my best practice – get up and be in action while allowing the 10,000 things to come to me effortlessly – it’s a good constant meditation these days, it’s good medicine….. and good music also helps!

Things started to crank yesterday on the project. We got permission to put a slurry coat (thin black coating – great for drawings, saves chalk and fingers) on the runway where we’ll be chalk drawing. But we also have been asked to have this done by the end of March so the an endangered species of bird, the California Least Tern, will not be effected.

This means for us that we need to finalize size, drawing, get the site surveyed, get a price estimate, and raise funds to get it all done. Add everything else up and you get ten thousand and one things, coming our way.

Please donate to the project and be part of a really BIG VISION.

Supporting the Creative Future,
Creative Director