Board of Directors

mwMark Lewis Wagner

Founder and Creative Director of Drawing on Earth. Wagner’s first artistic adventures were in rural Pennsylvania as a second grader when he began to draw monsters and spaceships. Fast forward several years ago he worked on the Pixar/Disney feature film “John Carter” drawing monsters and spaceships. Wagner credits his brother for sparking a desire to draw and his mother for her encouragement. Wagner’s artistic endeavors span 50 years, he has a MA from John F. Kennedy University, and a BFA from Pratt Institute. Wagner’s clients have been the Smithsonian Institution – Museum of Natural History, Pixar/Disney, SpaceX, Target, CBS Interactive, PG&E and more. He work as concept artist, graphic designer, illustrator, author, musician, and fine artist. Wagner has taught art and creativity in digital art colleges to graduate school and state prison. Wagner is also the author of “The Art of Being A Dad.”

nicoleNicole Sylvester

Nicole is an artist and teacher.  She has taught and worked with children for many years both in and out of the classroom environment and recently has been instrumental in bringing art to children at the elementary school level.  She has a B.S. degree from UC Santa Barbara and a teaching credential from St. Mary’s College.  An avid amature extreme sports person, she truly believes in the role that art can play in people’s lives to help nurture the spirit and calm the mind.

Clayton Thiel

Clayton is a sculptor of clay, stone, and bronze, and is a storyteller who is restoring magic and narrative to the world of contemporary sculpture. Clayton and Mark have been creative collaborating for years, they share a studio in Oakland, both teach at Chabot College, and have worked on many a big chalk drawings.


Advisory Board

patrick_drawingonearthPatrick Summar

Since 1989, Patrick has been working in both the corporate and non-profit sectors with individuals and groups in the areas of life and business coaching, leadership/management training, and personal productivity consulting. He specializes in coaching successful business owners in how to stabilize their success, reclaim their balance and quality of life, and make an even bigger contribution.


sasha_drawingonearthRev. Alexandra Childs

Sasha and Mark have been friends for over 30 years having meet in art school. Sasha now is a practicing minister and artist, designing stages and interiors for national church conventions. She is deeply connected to the Earth and Native ways.


las_drawingonearth.orgLas Wengell

Douglas “Las” Wengell is a consumer technology executive and entrepreneur with 20 years experience in e-commerce and web services. He’s an author and publisher, semi-pro dancer and private pilot. He received a BA in rhetoric from Rutgers College and an MBA from Emory.


zoe_drawingonearthZoe Wagner

Zoe Wagner is currently enrolled at Bard College at Simon”™s Rock, an early college in Massachusetts. Planning to major in Science, Technology, and Society, she’s interested in the relationship between humans and technology. Daughter of MLW, she’s been raised surrounded by the Arts her entire life. She knows that one of the best things to do is draw designs on her arms.


ben_drawingonearthBen Schick

Ben has lead and managed a number of for-profit and non-profit companies in the last 20 years including CEO of MediaOne, a digital media company in San Francisco; executive director of Challenge Day, award winning anti-violence program for teenagers. He is currently a organizational consultant and leadership coach for entrepreneurs, corporate executives and non-profit management. Ben has a MA in organizational development from Antioch University and lives in Oakland with Amy and his son, Sam.


He’s our animal representative for the team, he always wanting to be part of things, and sometimes found covered in chalk. He no longer lives in this world but his wagging tail spirit is still around.