Best chalk – most festival use set of 48 (call for price). A set of 24 is perfect for schools.
KOSS International
3250 Wilshire Boulevard # 2150
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1577
(213) 383-2474

Discount School Supplies
Stubby Chalk – limited colors, easy to hold

Eternity Arts
Big, thick, solid coverage and colors, hand made



Sarasota Chalk Festival, Sarasota, Florida

Italian Street Painting Marin, CA

I Madonnari, Italian Street Painting Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
Oldest festival in the USA

Street Painting Festival, Lake Worth, Florida

Pasadena Chalk Festival, Pasadena, CA

Bella Via Street Painting Festival, Monterey, Mexico



Artists and Other Good Stuff

Edgar Mueller

Kurt Wenner

Tracy Lee Stum

Julian Beever

Melanie Stimmell

Leon Keer

Andres Amador


Street Painting Wikipedia

Street Painting Society

Street Art Utopia