Executive Summary

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Drawing on Earth Inspires Art and Creativity in Youth and Communities Around the World.[/slider]

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Vision Statement

Growing evolving healthy loving children and adults who are connected to them selves, each other, and to their environment through the cultivation of a creative mind, body, heart, and soul.[/slider]

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We believe that creativity is a natural renewable energy that when exercised and practiced during youth empowers one to experience an inner resource that is sustainable, long term, and available in all aspects of one’s life.

We believe that kids who are nurtured creatively grow up ready and able to more effectively interact with the world, connect to the environment, integrate with technology, and understand the bigger picture.

We believe that art is not just a pretty picture but also a way of being creative that will help to solve some of the world’s problems.

We believe that creativity crosses race, economic, gender, and religious boundaries and is the glue that brings communities together that heals personal and collective wounds.

We believe people connected to their creativity consume less, are more comfortable with what they have, are able to generate more of what they want and need, are better at taking care of themselves, are able to help others with their generosity.

We believe that creativity continues to be important later in careers and business, partnership and marriage, community engagement, becoming an elder, and being curious about the end of ones life.

We believe that a creative art education to be the best investment into the future that anyone can give and receive.

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Drawing on Earth fulfills its mission by providing unique chalk drawing (also called street painting), assemblies, art classes, and community events at local schools, colleges, street painting festivals, youth detention centers, prisons, and corporate events around the world. Drawing on Earth also offers 3D Master Chalk Drawing classes to professional artist, teachers, and community art activists.

Drawing on Earth has developed a 5 year global campaign called the Global Illustrated Story that connects each individual community chalk drawing event — and all its participants – is connected to each other in a larger narrative that includes the entire human family in a symphonic expression of our cultural diversity and heritage. The whole world will have its part in telling one story.

As an added news worthy benefit, the Global Illustrated Story will also set a Guinness World Record for the largest illustrated story to go along with Drawing on Earth’s current World Record for the world’s largest chalk drawing (see story below).

The first chapter of the story has already begun. In late 2009 in Caracas Venezuela, the first part of the story, title ‘Creative Growth” was completed.

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Historical Facts

The chalk drawing project has been a small one-person effort conceived and created by artist and teacher Mark Wagner who holds a M.A. degree in Art and Consciousness from JFK University, and a B.F.A. in Art and Design from Pratt Institute. Mark works in the film industry as a concept artist, as well as a graphic designer, author, and teacher. Recent clients are the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of Natural History and Pixar. Mark has taught art and creativity in graduate school, art colleges, state prison, and elementary school (See Appendix A for Mark’s professional resume.)

The Kid’s Chalk Art Project was the first name when the world record was set. There were over 150 people who donated to the project, over 20 sponsors, 2 grants worth a total of $16,500, and numerous in-kind donations which totaled approx. $45,000. The City of Alameda, Alameda Unified School District, Alameda PTA Council supported the efforts, and the Alameda Education Foundation was our nonprofit affiliate.

Our name changed to Drawing on Earth (DoE) and we are now a federally recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit. DoE has three board members and 7 advisory board members. We are currently seeking other professional people to join our team.

The web site and blog currently has approximately 35,000 hits over the last 3 years. We have a 30 minute documentary film and book called Small Town ~ Big Vision, the Making of a World Record Chalk Drawing.[/slider]

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Financial Projections

We recently raised $4,500 in donations to fund our nonprofit application, to develop a new web site, and to buy chalk for future events. Last year we raised $3,000 to buy supplies for the first stage of the global illustrated story, which took place in Caracas, Venezuela. We plan on creating 3 large story chalk drawings a year which would cost approx. $20,000 each to produce, and to chalk draw around the country visiting schools and museums costing approx. $15,000. A total budget is estimated at $75,000 per year.[/slider]

Company Overview

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Values Statement

Drawing on Earth is aligned to the values of collaboration, self-expression, self-empowerment, connecting to others and the Earth through art and creativity. The Arts plays a large and increasingly important role in the holistic health and awareness of individuals by giving them access to a vast array of information and inner resources that are eternal, archetypal, liberating, and have been with humanity since the beginning of recorded history. In addition, nurturing creativity in our youth builds a job base of thinking and feeling individuals who are connected to; themselves, nature and the environment, families and friends, communities, and the world.

Drawing on Earth intends to expand its position and increase its role in providing resources and building community in support of the creative arts. The Internet plays a key role in social networking and DoE’s web site and blog will be on-going places to stay in touch, see what’s happening, and be part of the creative wave that’s touches the heart, soul, and imagination of the people, both young and old, in all social, racial, and economical arenas.[/slider]

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Business Model Summary

Drawing on Earth will be profitable in the following ways:

  • Corporate and Individual Sponsors, Grants, and Fund Raising Events.
  • Producing global events, school assemblies, school and museum chalk drawings.
  • Creating master 3D chalk drawing workshops for adult artists.
  • Developing artist-in-residency programs
  • e-Courses and Website Newsletters
  • Creating art for sale by collaborating artists and children.
  • Selling books, DVDs, posters, prints, cards, t-shirts.
  • Selling advertisement.


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Key Services

Drawing on Earth offers several main services:

  1. Creating large chalk drawings where youth and communities get to express themselves inside a larger design, allowing both individual and collective collaborating …….
  2. Show and educate the community how to create chalk drawings so that they can create their own future collaborative pieces of art.
  3. Fundraisers — showing how to create sustainable sources of income.
  4. Educate mature artists in chalk drawing and 3D street painting.
  5. Supply artist-in-residency to elementary school.
  6. Gather research about creativity with youth and communities for the future of the educational system.

Together these services will:

  1. Empower and excite, inspire and support.
  2. Nurture creativity and the imagination.
  3. Supply resources through the web site, books, and films.
  4. Improve the relationship between youth and communities around the world creating a more connected environment for productive living together.
  5. Create global empathy and facilitate a feeling of connection and creative collaboration.
  6. Add an extra safety net to young artists who are visual learners and need a different style of education.
  7. Offer youth a larger canvas to move their physical energy instead of being frustrated and acting-out with learning by sitting in chairs.


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Business Goals

  • To build a network of creative partners.
  • To complete our line of services and internet tool set.
  • To enter the global marketplace with our services.
  • To establish brand awareness.
  • To consistently target new contacts each year.
  • To become an indispensable resource for the global community.
  • To continuously add to and improve on our lines of services.
  • To build a valuable resource of creative information.


Company Description

[slider title=”Management Team”]

Management Team

Board / Advisory Board

  • Mark Wagner (Founder and Creative Director)
  • Nicole Sylvester (Secretary) — artist, coach
  • Clayton Thiel (Treasurer) — artist, leader in the men’s movement
  • Rev. Alexandra Childs — artist and practicing minister
  • Tracy Lee Stum — Guinness World Holder for the largest individual chalk drawing, one of the world’s best know 3D street painting artists
  • Daniel Dancer — Founder of Art for the Sky
  • Patrick Summar — Professional Life and Business Coach.
  • Ben Schick — CEO MediaOne
  • Ana Moreno — Producer, Artist
  • Gail Guerwitz — retired professional ballerina, yoga teacher
  • Looking to add a marketing partner, business development partner, fundraising partner, and multi-media partner.



[slider title=”Labor, Process, Equipment, Location”]


There will be a need for a part time director, part time marketing professional, part time web and media professional, accounting and ongoing legal services. All will be provided through independent contractors. In addition there will be an opportunity for interns and apprentices. Large events will need 2-3 people directly involved in travel and execution, a language interrupter and security if needed.


The process to produce our services will include

  • Ongoing programming to continuously improve our services
  • Consistent customer contact to get their feedback on the quality and ease of use of the services. This will be done through email and phone calls.

Equipment needed

  • Laptop, projector, screen, sound system for assemblies
  • Desktop computer, scanner, internet services
  • Chalk and related supplies
  • SRL camera and digital video camera for documentation


The business will be run out of a home office. Contractors and volunteers will work out of their independent offices. In a growth situation office space can be rented to accommodate additional employees and/or hiring full time employees instead of part time contractors.[/slider]

[slider title=”Appendix A: Mark Wagner Resume”]

Appendix A: Profesional Resume
Mark Wagner
Web Site: www.marklewiswagner.com


  • To provide creative expression and education in the arts to nurture, inspire, and support youth and communities so that the world can be a creative place to understand, experience, feel connected, and help solves the world’s problems.

Work History

  • Smithsonian Institution, Museum of Natural History. Art and Design for Paleo Indian web site.
  • Pixar / Disney. Concept art for feature film – John Carter of Mars


  • John F. Kennedy University
    • MA Art & Consciousness. 1991 Alumni of the Year. 1995
  • Pratt Institute
    • BFA Art & Design. 1983


  • Available on request.