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20,000 Pieces of Chalk

DONATE NOW - PAYPAL or CHECK Have you ever wondered what one could do with 20,000 pieces of colorful chalk? Or even what would that look like? Well... this is what it looks like. And what could you do with 20,000 piece of chalk, well... you could draw on 30 elementary school playgrounds with 15,000 kids. And that is exactly [...]

More ArtWork on the Playgrounds

We wanted to share some of our work from the spring. We have been working with the MDUSD Education Foundation for the last year visiting 30 elementary schools in the Mt Diablo school district (in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA) - so far we have been to 22 school and are making final dates for the rest over the [...]

After the Rains

  This spring has sure been wet for the Northern California area which is home for Drawing on Earth. Our big year long elementary school chalk drawing project has begun again. Drawing on Earth is collaborating with the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Education Foundation to chalk draw on 30 elementary school playgrounds which involves 15,000 kids. It's a crazy [...]

A Year of Drawing on Playgrounds

Buy us some Chalk so we can Draw on the Earth. PLEASE DONATE NOW Drawing on Earth is working in collaboration with theMt Diablo Unified School District Education Foundation. The Education Foundation recently received funding to have more Art in elementary schools, they heard about me through word of mouth (it's a great story I'll tell sometime). With added funding [...]

Holbrook Language Academy Jets

Holbrook Language Academy Elementary School - Concord CA We just visited Holbrook Elementary School recently and had so much fun. Principal Marga Marshall was great, she even ordered out for pizza at lunch.  Drawing on Earth has been invited to chalk draw on 30 elementary school playgrounds for this school year. The project is funded by the Mt. Diablo Unified [...]

Another School Year Begins

In our last post we announced a new Guinness World Record Attempt for the World's Largest Illustrated Story. It would of been created on 30 elementary school playgrounds with over 15,000 kids over this school year. Well GWR declined are attempt. "Unfortunately, after thoroughly reviewing your application with members of our research team, we are afraid to say that we [...]