Taos Farmer’s Market
New Mexico 2023

I’ve been chalk drawing for the last three years at the Taos and Questa New Mexico Farmer’s Markets. A perfect place for community art, laid back, my music and playlist, people, dogs, and kids. I arrive when I arrive, have a place that’s kinda out of the way but is also on the way to the market so people see what we are up to. 

I get the coffee and music going, sometimes figure out on the fly what I am going to draw. A large spirit bird, salamander, butterfly person. One time I even noticed the smooth black tar in all the crack, did a test, and say…”ooohhhhh nice drawing surface – sexy!” And basically spent the rest of the morning filling in the cracks with color.

Last year with all the school work I did in the spring, I got into hammerhead sharks. Yes, hammerhead sharks. They are so easy to draw, a long graceful line, long rectangle head, and a symmetrical body. Add drop shadows and make 1/2 darker and the shark looks totally cool and dimensional.