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Assembly & Playground Chalk Drawings

Covid has changed our plans, at least for awhile no longer will there be 650 kids on a playground sharing chalk. 2021 has use going covid style with a global project connecting art and creativity to youth and communities around the world.

Drawing on Earth – Global Challenge 2021



The day begins with an assembly showing the amazing world of chalk drawing (street painting) and how to create a Guinness World Record. Teaching elements include: Google Earth for geography lesson, technology, computers, projector, music, digital art and photography, graphic design, documentary film, and web sites.

Then a day-long all school chalk drawing on playground. Using large outlines, often of the school’s animal totem, students and teachers express themselves and collaboratively create together. Perfect before an evening event where parents will attend. This can become an annual event, assessable to everyone, great photos, creating years of anticipation and creative memories. Teaching elements include: chalk drawing, line, form, primary – secondary colors, and gradations.

Cost: Approx. $700/day. Drawing on Earth supplies the chalk. In 2019 we used 20,000 pieces of chalk working with 15,000 elementary school kids from the Mt Diablo Unified School District. Schools up to 800 students will need 2 days.

Home location is the San Fransico Bay Area. Yes, we can travel!
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