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Connecting Art and Creativity to Youth and Communities around the World


Growing evolving healthy loving children and adults who are connected to themselves, each other, and to their environment through the cultivation of a creative mind, body, heart, and soul.


• We believe that creativity is a natural renewable energy that when exercised and practiced during youth empowers one to experience an inner resource that is sustainable, long term, and available in all aspects of one’s life.
• We believe that kids who are nurtured creatively grow up ready and able to more effectively interact with the world, connect to the environment, integrate with technology, and understand the bigger picture.
• We believe that art is not just a pretty picture but also a way of being creative that will help to solve some of the world’s problems.
• We believe that creativity crosses race, economic, gender, and religious boundaries and is the glue that brings communities together that heals personal and collective wounds.
• We believe people connected to their creativity consume less, are more comfortable with what they have, are able to generate more of what they want and need, are better at taking care of themselves, are able to help others with their generosity.
• We believe that creativity continues to be important later in careers and business, partnership and marriage, community engagement, becoming an elder, and being curious about the end of one’s life.
• We believe that a creative art education is the best investment into the future that anyone can give and receive.


In 2003 professional artist and father Mark Lewis Wagner had a vision. Mark had been annually chalk drawing at his kid’s elementary school with the entire school, it was a way to give the kids a creative art experience in the face of  NO art teachers in the elementary schools in the local school district.

Later using Google Earth, Wagner zoomed down to the playground at his kid’s school and saw the chalk drawing they had recently completed. Wagner had an idea of making the world largest chalk drawing, seen by a satellite, to raise awareness and funds for art in schools, and to give the children a creative experience that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

In 2008 a Guinness World Record was set for the world’s largest chalk drawing. 6,000 people helped (over 4,000 elementary school kids), covering 90,000 sq. ft. (almost 2 football fields). A satellite photograph was taken of the artwork from 423 miles high.

Originally started as the Kids Chalk Art Project, then renamed Re-Enchanting the World Through Art, and now named Drawing on Earth, the newly federally recognized nonprofit has obtained 501(c)3 tax exempt status.


Drawing on Earth is reaching out to public and private schools, colleges, corporations, prisons, juvenile halls, and museums around the world. Connecting people through the creative process to themselves and to the world. We offer 3D Master Chalk Drawing / Street Painting Classes for professional artists, teachers, and community art activists.