I like that line, “Last Day Until Tomorrow”, isn’t it so true. Tomorrow is really just another day, it’s also the end of a two year push into this project and a five year vision.

I could write a book about it all and I just may later, but for now I’ll just say WOW, WE DID IT! I thanked the kids that helped with the chalk drawing, thousands of them, I said if they ever had a big dream, they should come and find me, I’ll help out!

Above photo is from on top of building #25. Our Salamander and new Gingko leaf is hard to see photographed from the back (how rude!) but here it is, all chalk dusted and closer to being finished.

Today we will be outlining everything and it will really come to life…. and be able to be seen from outer space! Satellite photo at 11:20 am tomorrow. We finished yesterday with a team meeting about producing the event tomorrow. Everything is looking good.

One of my oldest friends from art school, Rev. Alexandra Childs, doing her evening prayers.