Here is the area on the base that we will be drawing on. The Navy ships are in the back ground, the aircraft carrier floating museum US Hornet is there. Our space is 468 x 415 ft. which is under 200,000 sq. ft. The world record for largest chalk drawing is 60,000 sq. ft., we’ll go for 100 – 120,000.

You are not suppose to tell people that you are freaking out about a project, wondering if you can even pull it off. You are suppose to tell only a few selected inner circle friends and dump to them. So I am “not” saying this here, everything is moving along just way it should!

This week is reorganizing the “todo” list. I have a new journal and will sit down with the old one and review it all, taking notes, and updating everything. It’s a great way to see where we have been and to see where we still need to go.