Things Are Happening

Wow... we haven't posted in awhile, too many good things have been happening and it's now time to update the wonderful world of creative expression with kids and the community. Drawing on Earth has visited 5 elementary school in the last 2 month - that's a record. Here is an image from each school. Next blog will say more. Wren Elementary Valhalla Elementary Franklin Elementary Canoas Elementary Ayres Elementary MLW Founder and Creative Director of DoE  

Fundraiser – End of the 2017

Celebrating Ten Years of Drawing on Earth! This is our End of the Year fundraiser for DRAWING on EARTH. We are a 501c3 nonprofit that "passionately connects Art and Creativity to Youth and Communities around the World." We have drawn with approx. 18,000 kids and adults, and on 3 continents so far. Our first project in 2007 set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Chalk Drawing (pavement art). This year we had drawing gigs at local Bay Area schools, a few corporate projects, and drew 3 times at the Oakland Zoo. We also fund art projects and supplies at a local community college - Chabot College, Hayward. We raise money for mostly supplies (lots of chalk), promotion, [...]

Working with the Community

We worked with the home building firm Lennar. When they had an open house we were hired to create chalk drawings where the community could work on it too. Mostly it was when the parents did the house questioning the kids and young adults came and hung with us. We focused on home and heart imagery. Please consider hiring us for your next corporate event. For more info, please contact:      

Oakland Zoo

Chalk drawing and animals go together well, so does chalk drawing and Earth Day @ the California Oakland Zoo. For the last 2 years we have had the wonderful opportunity to draw at the  Zoo. Two times for Earth Day where we created pieces that the community could collaborate with Drawing on Earth. Two times for Day of the Lions, and once to bring awareness to a vote on banning plastic bags, sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"]

When the Principal Draws

"When the Principal gets down on the playground and draws for hours and gets her bootie covered in chalk, you know this school is in good hands." Last spring we were drawing at Canoas Elementary School in San Jose. Drawing on Earth goes into schools and creates large chalk drawings on the playground with the entire school. Principle Barbara Keesaw literally was out there drawing all day with the students. I have never seen this before. Some Principals come out and see what's happening, maybe they will draw for a few minutes, some Principles never come out at all. Seeing Barbara drawing was such a treat. And I saw what she was doing, I do the same thing. [...]

Oakland Museum Chalk Drawing

We just got an email to chalk draw again this year at the Oakland Museum, Oakland, California. Cool - they have a 12 x 40 ft chalk drawing wall in a courtyard. That's 12 x 40 feet (3.7 x 12.2 meters)... very impressive. Last year we drew 2x times at the Museum (Museum: means home of the Muse). Here is some of the art and a time lapse or two. Two projects: 1) Global Aids Benefit for Pangaea 2) Alameda County Art Commission and the Alameda County Office for Education - conference for their annual San Fransisco Bay Area National Arts in Education week. #ArtIsEducationBecause     We were supplied with the logo, were able to get into [...]

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