The Global Creative Challenge 2021

One Artist Imagining the World Creating Together Hi Everyone, we have a new exciting big project in the mix. It's so big we need your help, we are inviting you and the rest of the world to be part of it. Earth Day April 22, 2021 - founder and creative director of Drawing on Earth - Mark Lewis Wagner will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest chalk street art drawing (more info below). We have a story being birthed about imagining a climate changed, about a world creating together, about the future being a place of dynamic balance for everything. A Creative Challenge to the World While this is happening we are [...]

Free Online Art Classes

Hello, Mark Lewis Wagner here, I am the Founder and Creative Director for Drawing on Earth. Since covid I am totally focused on teaching online at  Chabot College in the San Francisco Bay Area USA. I am posting most of my  lessons online for free on youtube. They are made for beginners in painting and drawing, for older kids and adults, anyone is welcome to give them a try. I'll do another set for elementary school kids. Enjoy! ONLINE ART CLASSES - MLW - Youtube   You might to also see my personal art website. marklewiswagner  

Updates from Drawing on Earth

Hello everyone, wow, times sure are interesting. Drawing on Earth's main focus has been going into elementary schools and chalk drawing on the playgrounds with all the kids. Last 2 years we have been working close to 30 elementary schools (approx. 15,000 kids) with the Mt. Diablo Unified School District (San Francisco Bay Area, California) through a grant from the MDUSD Education Foundation. Times have changed. At least for now, 650 kids on the playground sharing chalk, running around, drawing, drawing on each other - is a thing of the past. We'll just see what happens. In the mean time since we are based in creativity we'll just create some other ways of sharing the goodness of the [...]

Creative Challenge – Make Earth Day Art 2020

A Creative Challenge for You!  Make Art for EARTH DAY, April 22 (50th year anniversary) "We are All in this Together" Connecting to the Species who Share Our Planet A collaborative project with the Oakland Zoo, Drawing on Earth, and Mark Lewis Wagner   Drawing On Earth has been chalk drawing at the Oakland Zoo on EARTH DAY for years. This year Founder and Director of Drawing on Earth, Mark Lewis Wagner will be creating a solo off-site chalk drawing for Earth Day, April 22, 2020. The Oakland Zoo an DoE are inviting everyone to join in and make some Art for Earth Day, pencil and paper, computer, paint, a dance, poem, draw in the dirt, a song, [...]

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