Oakland Zoo Earth Day 2022

We have been chalk drawing at the Oakland Zoo for Earth Day since 2016. This weekend was the first time back drawing since Covid. I brought 8 of my Chabot College student and paid them for the day to chalk draw. We showed up at 8am and it was pouring down rain. We came back after the rains and worked on wet surface which is great because the chalk melts and turns into something like tempera paint. We created a 100 year Anniversary piece, then signage for the Zoo, and ended with a large community interactive chalk drawing. It's so good to just put a box of chalk down on the ground and watch kids and some parents [...]

In the News – MLW & DoE

New Article about the Founder and Creative Director of Drawing on Earth

Guinness World Record & Global Creative Challenge

What the World Needs is More Beauty The invitation is on Earth Day, April 22, 2021 for you join us, stretch your own creative spirit, set your own personal world record for something - dance, draw, sculpt, sing, play on instrument, cook, meditate, use any medium. Imagine the future, imagine a changed climate, imagine a world creating together, imagine the world being united by art. Be part of the Creative Tribe. Post your expressions on our FaceBook virtual gallery. At the same time artist Mark Lewis Wagner, founder of Drawing on Earth will be attempting his 2nd Guinness World Record, this time for the largest chalk street art by one artist. The current record is 1,800 sq.ft. - [...]

Join Us in Imagining the Future – Earth Day 2021

Drawing on Earth's Global Creative Challenge "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the World." ~ Einstein Our project is on track, please join in and help imagine the future we want to live in. It’s how everything gets made, we first imagine it, like putting humans on the moon – we had to imagine it first. Imagine a changed climate, imagine the world creating together, imagine a future for everyone and everything. What do you see? Dance it, draw, sing, sculpt, write, paint, digitally make it – and while you are at it, stretch your creative spirit, go an extra inch, word, note, movement just because you can. You will feel better during [...]

The Global Creative Challenge 2021

One Artist Imagining the World Creating Together Hi Everyone, we have a new exciting big project in the mix. It's so big we need your help, we are inviting you and the rest of the world to be part of it. Earth Day April 22, 2021 - founder and creative director of Drawing on Earth - Mark Lewis Wagner will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest chalk street art drawing (more info below). We have a story being birthed about imagining a climate changed, about a world creating together, about the future being a place of dynamic balance for everything. A Creative Challenge to the World While this is happening we are [...]

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