Over the weekend we were chalk drawing at the UC Berkeley Space Science Lab which is only open one day a year to the public.



The Space Science Lab has more satellites (6) than any other Universities in the world – really cool to get into this room!

Our chalk drawing was short, 3 hours plus, but it was sweet.





Laura Peticolas, Director – Center for Science Education



C on left, Berkeley student in the fall, astrophysicist, her grandpa helped make the Hubble Space Telescope. E on right, 6 grader, she was so comfortable talking to an adult, broke her foot on a trampoline. The two girls bonded while drawing – so cool.



The dad had tears in his eyes, sounded like he and his son were not connecting and this had them doing something together.


Riley and Tara, totally cool kids, great parents. I sent them home with chalk. Tara keenly listened to everything I was talking to her mom about – totally great teaching moments, just makes everything worth it 10 fold.





The Lab is working on a bridge program with indigenous leaders connecting space science to ancient wisdom.
Called the Cosmic Serpent, thought I’d combine it with Earth Day.