Chalk Drawing at Your School

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The Fall is here, the equal day and equal night which is good for the balance for all the light and dark. Drawing on Earth is beginning to book schools to chalk draw at in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also travel!


Mark Wagner, founder of Drawing on Earth has been chalk drawing on school playgrounds for almost 15 years. “I’ve been coming back to schools and the 5th graders have been drawing with me since kindergarten. That’s really cool and they remember each each vividly!” It also leaves a life long impression on students and teacher, they look forward to the annual entire school chalk drawings, it’s a great way to collaborate and create together.


Chalk Drawing at Your School

Elementary through High School

DOWNLOAD Chalk Drawing in Schools PROPOSAL

Chalk Drawing at Your School

The day begins with an assembly showing the world of chalk drawing (street painting) and how to create a Guinness World Record. Teaching elements include: Google Earth for geography lesson, technology using laptop, projector, music, digital photography, graphic design, documentary film, and web sites.

A day-long all school chalk drawing on playground. Using large outline often of the school”s animal totem, students and teachers express themselves and collaboratively create together. Perfect before an evening event where parents will attend. This can become an annual event, assessable to everyone, great photos, creating years of anticipation and creative memories. Teaching elements include: chalk drawing, line, form, primary and secondary colors, gradations, imagination, collaboration, personal expression, self esteem, respect of others work.


$600 – Assembly and all day chalk drawing
$75   – Supplies & Chalk
(cost may vary depending on school size)

Dear School Principals and PTA,

In 2008 with the collaboration with the City of Alameda, AUSD, the Alameda PTA Council, and Alameda Education Foundation, and with the help from almost every elementary school child, artist Mark Wagner created a collaborative experience where a Guinness World Record was set for the largest chalk drawing.

Years ago as a new school parent and art docent, Mark became aware of that there were NO art teachers in the elementary schools of Alameda, and he knew this was wrong. After years of chalk drawing annually at Franklin Elementary School and creating a year long artist-in-residency program, Mark had a vision of giving all the kids a creative experience that they would remember for the rest of their lives, and to also raise awareness and funds for the arts. “What we want to be doing is to nurture our children”s creative spirit so that they can grow up and be free and help solve some of the world”s problems.”

Out of this world record project the 501(c)3 nonprofit Drawing on Earth was created. There is a book and 30 minute documentary film about the project, Drawing on Earth  – The Making of a World Record Chalk Drawing. Their current project creating the first public chalk drawing park in Alameda CA and a  larger global illustrated story .



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