I came back to the school playground for our next day of all school art and noticed something off, something different about the chalk drawing. Upon looking more closely and putting on my Sherlock Holmes thinking cap, I realized that the school yard water sprinklers had gone off during the evening and soaked some of our work.



I’ve seen through other artist’s photos of down pours at chalk festivals around the country. I personally haven’t really been around any big rains. I do know a big pour on a slope without covering will completely wash away the work, and I’ve heard you can see the colors running away in the water.


But this was soft and gentle water, and when someone now asks what happens when it rains, I can show them. The rest of the day was typical beautiful California weather and we filled Bay Farm Elementary school in Alameda with awesome art. 


Would you like to have us come and draw at your school – drop us an email, we travel and it’s loads of fun!~
~Mark Lewis Wagner
Founder and Director of Drawing on Earth

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