“When the Principal gets down on the playground and draws for hours and gets her bootie covered in chalk, you know this school is in good hands.”

Last spring we were drawing at Canoas Elementary School in San Jose. Drawing on Earth goes into schools and creates large chalk drawings on the playground with the entire school.

Principle Barbara Keesaw literally was out there drawing all day with the students. I have never seen this before. Some Principals come out and see what’s happening, maybe they will draw for a few minutes, some Principles never come out at all. Seeing Barbara drawing was such a treat.

And I saw what she was doing, I do the same thing. It’s an opportunity to get down, eye to eye, with the students, on their level. And it’s easy to see that the students want to be there, they want to be near her, and that… is good medicine for everyone.

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~Mark Lewis Wagner
Founder of Drawing on Earth