artwork by Kurt Wenner

Tell MOCA Street Painting is Street Art

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We the undersigned ask that you please consider including street painting / chalk art into the upcoming MOCA exhibit; ‘Art in the Streets’.


In regards to the upcoming exhibition at MOCA entitled ‘Art in the Street’, which mainly focuses on graffiti style works, we feel that street painting deserves to be recognized as authentic art of the streets & included in this show. With a rich and significant history of it’s own, which predates modern graffiti, street painting has evolved and developed into it’s own genre, now known globally as an artistic phenomenon, which universally appeals to demographics worldwide.
We respectfully submit, would it not also be interesting & worthwhile to consider adding a street painting component on some pavement adjacent to the museum as a valid addition to ‘Art in the Street’?


Thank you, Tracy Stum, John Arron (Chalk 4 Peace), Mark Wagner (Drawing on Earth)






Spring 2011 the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) will feature a “street art” exhibit call “Art in the Streets” with no Street Painting.

Sign our petition to tell MOCA we want Street Painting artists included in the exhibit.
Street Painting = Street Art!