Middle School is another world unto itself. I mostly work with elementary schools, the students are mostly fun, innocent, creative, and alive. Middle school students are a different animal and… it was still a wonderful experience. With the help of the fabulous art teacher Lindsey Shepard and her students, and the two PE teachers who gave me their students for a day, we had two days of good work.

The theme was ocean life and health. Students were encouraged to draw ocean themed imagery and everyone got to draw, many kids drawing several times, and a few would come up and ask to help me. I focused on an anamorphic perspective chalk drawing of an orca killer whale. California is currently seeking to pass legislation making it illegal to keep Killer Whale captive for theme parks. See Black Fish.

Below is the way I designed the drawing so that it looked good from up on the roof. I used a simple free software called Sidewalk 3D. SUper helpful in understanding the out there concept of distortion, space, perspective, and seeing. It’s always so great to create a collaborative creative experience. Thank you Wood!


Orca Chalk Drawing – Time Lapse Wood Middle School, Alameda CA USA March 2014