We just got an email to chalk draw again this year at the Oakland Museum, Oakland, California. Cool – they have a 12 x 40 ft chalk drawing wall in a courtyard. That’s 12 x 40 feet (3.7 x 12.2 meters)… very impressive.

Last year we drew 2x times at the Museum (Museum: means home of the Muse). Here is some of the art and a time lapse or two.

Two projects:
1) Global Aids Benefit for Pangaea
2) Alameda County Art Commission and the Alameda County Office for Education – conference for their annual San Fransisco Bay Area National Arts in Education week. #ArtIsEducationBecause



We were supplied with the logo, were able to get into the museum at night to project image onto the wall. (note: if you are an artist learn Photoshop, we use it with all our projects in one way or another). Next day we colored in the logo while the museum was closed, fun, turned up the music.

Regarding costs: In the past with other projects we had sent in bids and more than often it’s too high and scares the client away. What we did this time was simply to ask what the clients budget was. They said $1,800… perfect.

We often get asked how we bid on projects, how do artists get paid? Always look at everything in the project; time spent on the phone and email with clients, your design time which is always more than you imagine, time packing gear, buying supplies, travel, parking, food, actual work on site, and travel back are all part of the bid, and then add a little more so you have some wiggle room to negotiate.

And with the help from the beautiful and creative Kaye Anderson.

~Mark Lewis Wagner
Founder and Creative Director of Drawing on Earth





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