My new friend Elinor Slomba emailed about their town and school’s idea of attempting to beat our world record.
I said, cool, use me as a consultant, I’ll share with you everything I know.

~Mark Wagner: Founder of Drawing on Earth


Why: Because every kid (not to mention the kid in all of us) wants to get into the Guinness Book of World Records…West Haven, Connecticut, is a warm-hearted community of creative citizens with a civic infrastructure and cultural assets yet to be recognized in the state and region. As a community, West Haven can break the World Record for the Largest Street Pavement Art and be totally AWESOME about it.

Where: West Haven High School, West Haven, CT
When: July 10-15, 2013
Who: Chalkville’s Core Planning Team
Gwyneth Evans, Registration Leader
Mitchell Gallignano, City Relations Leader
Joan Glass, Education & Outreach Leader
Courtney Tracey, Design Leader

Core Team and City Relations Squad: Wed July 10 for site prep (sweeping and clearing of debris, setting up, etc.)
Artists and Design Squad: Thurs July 11 for laying down grid lines with contractor’s chalk
Community Groups and Outreach Squad: Friday July 12 for filling in big blocks of the drawing
Student Co-Chairs & Invited Speakers Saturday July 13 10am for Public Welcome and Opening Remarks
Public/Registration Squad/Design Squad: Sat-Sun July 13-14 for extreme chalkdrawing till complete
Everyone: participants & spectators: Monday July 15 for Clean-Up and Viewing Party, with live music & other performance 1-4pm

Special Assistance From
Richard Kasperowski, Lead Technology/Agile Adviser
Mark Wagner, World Record Consultant,
West Haven Council on the Arts, Fiscal Agent

How: To find out how to register and/or volunteer, visit
Funding has been provided by the Awesome Foundation, Connecticut Chapter. Donations for additional chalk and other supplies may be sent to:

c/o West Haven Council on the Arts
PO Box 16513
West Haven, CT 06516

At the conclusion of the project, surplus chalk and other supplies will be donated to West Haven High School Art Department. Any remaining cash on hand will be donated to the West Haven Council on the Arts.

Let’s break a record!!

Elinor Slomba
Chalkville Project Leader
(203) 812-9093