Creation continues to evolve. The transient energy of chalk and nature.

An environmental clean-up agency that the US Navy hired is running their trucks over the chalk drawing They are cleaning up radioactive radium that the Navy used to paint on item to glow in the dark, they dumped the toxic waste into the storm drains which are now being cleaned out.

I have know about the clean up for a year or so. The work had not been started until after our event was over. I am working on a sci-fi story about this Alameda Navy Air Base. I think I will use the idea of the salamander and gingko leaf chalk drawing being effected and transformed by the radioactive energy.

The chalk drawing has really faded where the truck have run, some areas have been watered down. All detail and colors from the hand drawn chalk is gone in those places, but interesting enough life finds it’s way back, as always, evolving, unstoppable, the pure force of nature.

The chalk drawing will continue to disappear, when the wind and rain come it should be mostly gone from this world but will last perhaps forever with photographs, memories, and positive creative energy invested wisely into our youth.

And then there is a man and his dog. If you followed the actually event you will have seen many pictures of Mr. Z. He was on site for all two weeks, only leashed when the school kids were with us and then still able to be petted and oo’d and ah’d over. He’s such a good dog around kids. He continues to be a guiding light in my life.

We are close to moving our nonprofit over from the “Kid’s Chalk Art Project” to “Re-Enchanting the World Through Art.” The book about the event has begun and we are beginning to brainstorm about what’s next.

~Mark Wagner