Celebrating Ten Years of Drawing on Earth!

This is our End of the Year fundraiser for DRAWING on EARTH. We are a 501c3 nonprofit that “passionately connects Art and Creativity to Youth and Communities around the World.” We have drawn with approx. 18,000 kids and adults, and on 3 continents so far. Our first project in 2007 set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Chalk Drawing (pavement art).

This year we had drawing gigs at local Bay Area schools, a few corporate projects, and drew 3 times at the Oakland Zoo. We also fund art projects and supplies at a local community college – Chabot College, Hayward. We raise money for mostly supplies (lots of chalk), promotion, and insurance – No admin. Next year we’ll have new T-shirts for sale – that will be sweet.

We have 4 small Paintings to Raffle
Approx. 3 x 6 in. on board.
Raffle Ticket: $25/per as many as you like.

or Send Check to:
Drawing on Earth, 27 Powers Court, ALameda, CA 94501

These paintings were created by myself and students from Chabot College during the Napa fires in Oct. One day the Bay Area was totally filled with smoke. I went to class feeling out of it, un-empowered, at a loss about something so big and so out of control. As the painting teacher I realized we could use our creativity to make things happen, to perhaps effect the unseen worlds, at least to connect to our own emotional bodies through the Art.

It was a very successful and productive experience. I personally came home with these paintings, collaborative works, that made me feels so much better and connected to what was happening. I was engaged. NOW the Santa Barbara fires are burning. Blessings to the  Earth, Animals, Plants, and the People.

Founder of DoE

This is my favorite piece – I’m keeping it.
A magical being who catches the burning embers
and turns them into stars to keep the houses from burning.

DRAWING on EARTH – fundraiser 2017