A few years ago I created a pilot Artist-in-Residency program at a local elementary school in Alameda California USA. The school district and many around the country and world have NO ART TEACHERS in the elementary schools.

This just drives me crazy. As a professional artist and visionary this has got to be one of the worst things we can do to our kids, to our families, communities, state, nation, and world!

What we want to be doing is creatively nurturing our youth, especially when they are young. When they are still open, in the magical zone, and not closed or damaged. It’s not about the product of art, it’s about the process of creativity that we want to anchor into their beings so that they grow up to be free, alive, able to cope with any and everything… in their work, relationships, inner lives, and the stuff that life throws at them. We want to educate them to be in their bodies, not just in their heads.

So that… they can creatively interact with life, so that they can co-create their lives with the rest of nature. When you are creative you can “always” choose. If not, the choice is made for you by not choosing. Make sense? Get Creative! Help save the World!


A year at Franklin Elementary. Ideas, lessons, art, and reflections.

Link: ArTist in RESiDencY