In 2001 my oldest kid started at Franklin Elementary School in Alameda California USA. I’d been chalk drawing at festivals like the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival and San Rafael Street Painting Festival. I decided to do this with the entire school and that… changed my life – and twas the seed of Drawing on Earth, our Guinness World Record for the largest pavement art (chalk drawing) which we still hold!

I’ve been chalk drawing every year since (I think I skipped one). Here we were again! I recently returned from a trip to Nepal and was moved to created a mandala theme, circles all coming out from each other – worked out really wonderfully.

A surprise was in the initial creations the kids were so attracted to what I was doing they automatically started to run circles around the piece and follow me jumping into each space I’d create. That was really cool… and interesting!

~Mark Lewis Wagner
Creative Director and Founder of Drawing on Earth