Sale on KOSS Chalk!


We are often asked about what chalk we use, and where to get it. KOSS is some of the best chalk out there, most festivals in the USA use it.
Drawing on Earth mainly works in schools, community, and special events. We have found a box of 24 colors is the best and gives people a solid mix of colors to work with. The box of 12 lacks the diversity and the box of 48 is too many unless you are a pro.
We just bought approx. 2,400 pieces of chalk. 8 doz. cases (a dozen in each case) of the 24. And 2 dozen boxes of 6 of black. Black always runs out, kids are always asking for black. When I hear a request for black I walk them over to my secret stash and give them a piece. If I left the black out it would simple disappear to be drawn with.
KOSS is not always the best chalk though. If the street or playground surface is hard and bumpy the KOSS chalk is too dense. The other chalk we like to use is STUBBY CHALK by Colorations sold by Discount School Supply.
The Stubby Chalk is softer, better for more bumpy surfaces. The pink, yellow, blue as primaries are brilliant and blend into secondaries in the most magical way. The only serious downfall to these chalks are the color brown – basically no kids use it…ever. It would be nice to have a purple. I’ve already suggested this to them.


Having a combo of KOSS and STUBBY is the way we like to ride. AND the sale at KOSS is the best in the chalk market, so time to refill your stash!
Founder of Drawing on Earth