Painting Class, Supplies, Creative Spirit Blessings

with Prof Mark Lewis Wagner MA

 Chabot College – Hayward California

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Last year Drawing on Earth raised money to buy art supplies for the Chabot College painting class that Mark Lewis Wagner (founder of DoE) teaches. Many community college students do not have extra money to buy sometimes expensive art supplies, some of which they might not use much of.

“I still have a tube of oil paint that my mom used in college that I am using, they can last a long time,” Wagner says. The students are aware of what we did, what our sponsors did in buying some of the supplies. We wanted to share with you some of the work we have done over 2 semesters.

We have a facebook page if you are interested in following us @ Chabot College Painting. If you are an art teacher or know someone who is, there are some great ideas and visuals to inspire your own class.

Anyone who sponsored the class received a painting as a gift. These paintings came out of a great project. We closed our eyes during a drumming storytelling time where a winged horse showed up and gifted each student a creative spirit blessings. Pegasus and the Wind Horse Lungta are two of the most famous winged mythological horses. Pegasus is the muse of poets – perfect.

Each students started a small winged horse painting, and then we each worked on every other piece, a total collaborative creative spirit project. At the end of class we played rock, paper, scissors, the winner picked a piece – then gave it away to someone, who picked a piece and gave it away to someone else. We had enough pieces left over to give to all our sponsors, and then to the Dean and her secretary. Perfect…




“Sending so much gratitude to MLW and his talented students for the thoughtful unexpected gift! I’m in love with my painting! After donating to Drawing on Earth (a nonprofit that passionately connects art and creativity to youth and communities around the world), this fabulous organization purchased art supplies for a community college painting class. Together, students collaborated and created a painting for each donor!  How awesome is that?!?! The winged horse (and Patron Saint of the Arts), Pegasus, will now usher creativity, positivity, and gratitude into my apartment. THANK YOU for the thank you!”


And if you are moved to donate to Drawing on Earth, please do, we will put you funds to good creative use.

and see more work from class.