The largest chalk festival in the world is happening next weekend in Sarasota Florida USA. Over 250 artists from around the world will be drawing on the streets, and also “going vertical” creating murals and graffiti works of art. This years theme is “Legacy of Valor.” Nov. 13 – 18. Sarasota Chalk Festival 2013

Drawing on Earth, Mark Lewis Wagner, Veteran Artist Mark Pinto, and Laura Slocum will be creating a large ceremonial chalk drawing for Veterans and the Global Village.

In the old days the village created a sacred time and space to welcome the warriors back from the unimaginable experience of war, and help them integrate back into society. Today the need is still the same, returning military service personnel and the community both need rituals that help integrate the soul and help bring us all back into wholeness. We need to bless those who have served and who are still serving, to bless the dead on both sides, acknowledge and take responsibility for sending our youth off to war, help right any wrong and soul loss, grow into a global community, and welcome everyone home.

Drawing on Earth will be creating a large ceremonial chalk drawing that Vets and the community can walk on to help complete the journey home. We do this to support and inspire the Veterans and families, helping them to create long-term health and lead soulful lives.

The vision is to create a sacred space on the pavement using chalk and tempera paint that acts as an imaginary journey. On Sat. and Sunday the piece will be open to walk on for Veterans and the community. Paper will be supplied to draw and write prayers to burn in a small fire as a give away. There will be a chalk drawing area for anyone to collaborate in, and a closing ceremony late Sunday afternoon.



Mark Lewis Wagner:  is a visionary artist and founder of Drawing on Earth. He works in both digital and tradition mediums as illustrator, graphic designer, author, filmmaker, and educator. Wagner works in the film industry as a concept artist working on John Carter, Terminator 3, and the ABC mini-series DreamKeeper. He teaches art and creativity in elementary school, graduate schools, and state prison, and has been involved in Native American Indian ceremony for over 30 years. Clients: Smithsonian — Museum of Natural History, Disney/Pixar, and SpaceX. Wagner has created 5 pieces of art that have been photographed by satellite. His father was a Merchant Marine in the  Korean War.

Mark Pinto: USMC helicopter pilot, Gulf War veteran 1982 -2002, and former Buddhist Priest. Pinto is currently a Teaching Associate at San Jose State University where he is also earning his MFA in photography. Mark creates installation and multi media art projects that deal with veterans’ reintegration issues, as well as the larger, complex issues of war. Pinto is exhibiting a digital photo project called “Joes Come Home” at the Pentagon. He”s utilizing GI Joe dolls in scenarios to bring awareness to veteran daily suicides. Pinto”s father was in Army during the Korean War.

Laura Reese Slocum: Muralist and war veteran of a different type — ovarian cancer. Helping her cousin Mark Wagner on this project was on her bucket list!


The Sarasota Chalk Festival is a theme-based pavement art festival from November 13th — 18th that appeals to the most sophisticated art critic as well as children of all ages. It is located in the United States of America on the west coast of Florida in a seaside city called Sarasota. The 2013 theme ‘Legacy of Valor‘ honors veterans, inspires patriotism and embraces freedom -pass it on!

The festival covers 4 blocks for 6 days in the historic Burns Square district on South Pineapple Avenue in downtown, which is where the professional and experienced street painters create their large masterpieces and 3d illusions.  A Statue of Liberty, by artist Kumpa Tawornprom will grace the center of the activity. Over the weekend the festival expands another 4 blocks to Five Points Park on North Pineapple Avenue for the Veteran Artist Block, MarkWagner & Drawing on Earth”s collaborative Art & Healing, ‘Thoughtful Reflection,” Student Chalk and Children”s Chalk Block for the Little Chalker”s.

The festival is a benefit for the Avenida de Colores 501c3 charitable arts organization that manages the festivities among other outreach programs such as the Going Vertical program.

In addition to the festival, a curated show ‘ReImagining Sarasota Chalk Artists Art” will be open from November 15-24 featuring the artists studio work. For the first time the public will be able to view the ephemeral work of these artists, as well as the opportunity to purchase their art that will be for sale. Featured artists such as Eduardo Relero from Spain, Leon Keer, Remko Van Shaik and Ruben Poncia from the Netherlands and Victor Puzzi from Russia will be creating 3d illusions only at this location.

The six-day cultural event celebrates the performance art form of street painting when artists use the pavement as their canvas and pastel chalk as their medium to create oversized works of art. The public are invited to participate, attend, and interact with the artists as they go about their work. “The festival is as raw as it gets to feeling and seeing an outdoor Museum in Motion as fine artists take to their hands and knees for days, recreating old master paintings, original works of art and 3D compositions right before our eyes,” states Artistic Director and Event Chair, Denise Kowal.

The festival is free for all to participate in and attend, and if you are able, please donate generously so that those less fortunate can continue to be a part of this ‘awe-inspiring” event. The 501c3 nonprofit pays for all expenses that includes travel expenses, lodging, and supplies of artists who are approved early. Quality sustainable products are used so that while the artists may get dirty, everything else is kept clean.


“Good luck with your project and thank you for sharing it — what a great way to welcome back these men and women, and give them space to re-integrate their souls by being in their bodies and expressing their creativity through art — AND giving others outside their experience a chance to connect with them by being co-creators.”
Bravo ~ Brad Britton


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“The soul is the drive to create and preserve life – that of our own nature, other people, our community, and the planet — as we participate in the endless creativity of the universe.”
Edward Tick, War and the Soul