Buy us some Chalk so we can Draw on the Earth.


Drawing on Earth is working in collaboration with the
Mt Diablo Unified School District Education Foundation.

The Education Foundation recently received funding to have more Art in elementary schools, they heard about me through word of mouth (it’s a great story I’ll tell sometime). With added funding from the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation we are a go to chalk draw at all 31 elementary schools, which is 15,000 kids. We have drawn on 10 playgrounds so far.

Drawing on Earth, our 501c3 non profit that “passionately connect art and creativity to youth and communities around the world” is supplying the chalk for the project – that’s approx. $4,000. We are currently fundraising for this, we have raised $1,400 so far. PLEASE DONATE NOW – buy us some chalk so we can draw on the earth. 

In the bigger picture we were telling a story about a sacred mountain (waca)  being home to 15,000 kids. We are connecting each school through their power animal/school mascot to the story and to the mountain. The story will write itself over the year.

The project is epic; each school, each playground, and each kid is a universe unto itself. So much I am learning about kids and creativity. I started to see where there was no art taught in the school by what the kids were drawing which was mostly coloring the playground with no images. I started to bring in laminated prints for the kids to use as reference if they wanted. That worked great.

We’ll keep you posted over time on this project. Super psyched and honored. I’m aware of the impact we have on children, the Arts (all the Arts) are in dire need of support and the kids in need of their souls being fed and not just their brains leaning to one side. Thanks for reading and being interested.

Creative Spirit Blessings,
~Mark Lewis Wagner
Founder and Creative Director of Drawing on Earth