“Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem”

Last week we drew for 2 days at Rio Visa Elementary, Bay Point, California USA. Just another great experience being creative with school kids on the playgound. The principle Susan Valdez heard about us when we were drawing 600 elephants in the spring at Vahalla Elementary, another Mount Diablo Unified School District school. She’s a lovely energetic committed to the Arts and Creativity wise one who knows what’s best for her school and students.

600 is basically how many kids the school has. That takes 2 draw with everyone. We charge a school $1,200 for 2 days which include assembly and supplies. Chalk costs approx. $250 for that many kids.

There are too many moments to describe, tons of gems, we even got the security guard to draw. She couldn’t get down on the ground because she was wear an armored vest – sigh, I know, weird the world we live it. There are weird and damaged people who probably didn’t get much art and creativity education when they were little. I said to her, “I have something for you!” and came back with my drawing stick, she smiled and went at it.

Everyone was asked to draw a rocket. I also outlined a larger rocket using their school logo. Then sub-divided the space and invited the kids to work on it with me. That worked out really good. Towards the end I added a drop shadow to give the rocket some dimension. Very cool piece, I has pretty excited about the whole thing. They have already asked me to return next year.

Creatively Yours,
~Mark Lewis Wagner
Founder and Creative Director of Drawing on Earth
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