Mark Lewis Wagner started chalk drawing/street painting in 1994 at the I Madonnari Italian Street Festival in Santa Barbara. This lead to years of other festivals and then to drawing with children at his kid”s elementary school, and that lead to a Guinness World Record, and to the creation of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Drawing on Earth.

Our mission is to passionately connect art and creativity to youth and communities around the world. Wagner and Drawing on Earth has created chalk drawings with over 12,000 kids and adults, and on 3 continents so far, in dozens of festivals, worked with Veterans, and in the commercial and corporate worlds.

Last week Drawing on Earth worked with 1,200 kids in four days and we exhausted our chalk supply – so it”s time for a fundraiser. We”d also like to buy a new fish-eye lens, and a printer. Other exciting news; we were recently gifted a helicopter drone camera by the sand painter Andres Amador, and Wagner took a 3D anamorphic perspective workshop with Kurt Wenner, a hero in the world of street painters.

These are the 3 prints to choose from!


In the works is still an attempt for another Guinness World Record by an individual artist. We have our eye on an abandoned 110 ft. x 220 ft. (22,000 sq. ft.) tennis court in Alameda CA.

PLEASE DONATE NOW: We truly only exist with donations from people like you. We promise to make you proud. We are care-taking the creative spirit on the planet, anchoring and nurturing it in our kids (the future), and in our communities (the present).

$25 for each raffle ticket. Please PAYPAL www.drawingonearth.org/donate
Or send a check – email Mark @ [email protected] for mailing address.

Creatively Yours, Mark Lewis Wagner