Drawing on Earth’s VISION STATEMENT: Growing evolving healthy loving children and adults who are connected to them selves, each other, and to their environment through the cultivation of a creative mind, body, heart, and soul.


Butterflies Are Free

A month ago we worked with 1,200 elementary school kids at 2 different schools. The first one was at Valhalla Elementary school. Their art teacher passed away and we created an homage to her by asking 600 kids to each draw a butterfly for her.
We loved what we did so much that we decided to basically do the same thing at BayFarm Elementary school (also with some middle school students) – except we asked each student to draw a butterfly for someone else (teacher, parents, grandparent, siblings, friend).

111 Gallery Photos Below


There is so much to share about the experience, it was really amazing. We’ll let the photos say the most, but here are a few moments.
A young boy who had feelings and curled into a little ball. Later he was so excited about his drawing and with his friend who he was helping.

A large yellow circle emerged as a crazy collaborate experience.

A kid with lot of extra energy created an awesome dragonfly air ship (one of my favorite drawings).

Beautiful team work.

A new and unique butterfly wherever I looked.

Moments of being exhausted and then being inspired by the music and the kids.

Having kids come over and ask to show their work to me.

Walking around afterwards with a student while we looked at everyone’s work together.

Seeing a few tears because of who the kids were making their drawings for (grandparents.)

Seeing a playground full of drawings of 600 butterflies.



There is usually one or two kids who are create totally out of the box. I’ll find a line and then start to follow it, and it often end with a kid who is still drawing. These are the kids to help run the world, they make things happen, and aren’t afraid or care about what others say.



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