On Sunday I went over to the Youth in Arts – Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael CA. It’s one of the largest chalk drawing festival in the States and has been going on for 15 years. Excellent festival, excellently produced. Artist work two days or more on their own work and space which is approx. 9 x 12 ft, featured artists larger.

Last year Clayton Thiel and I were the featured artists, we created a 16 x 20 ft. piece that included twelve 3D buddha heads made of plaster and fiber glass. See more

After finishing our epic big World Record chalk drawing last week, it was so nice to go to this festival that I usually do work at, and just walk around, watching artists draw, taking lots of photographs, and sit and watch people watching artists. Wonderful way to just be. I did bring along photos of our piece and loved showing them to other chalk artists who more than anyone could really get what we just accomplished!