Friday the Kid’s Chalk Art Project descended upon Washington. The morning was cold, had my gloves, and hat on. I set up with music and 2 cases of chalk. The kids came out around 9:30am and I left after 3:00pm with the playground full of art and kids still drawing.

Now where’s that hot tub!

It was a really good day for chalk drawing, the kids are so cool, wide open, interested, and willing to try something new. In a school where there are no paid art teachers, these kids were totally excited and everyone was drawing – everyone!

Moments that I Remember:

A teacher standing around, I go over and look at their hands “hey… you’re hands are still clean, wheres the chalk colors? They didn’t know they could also draw, they get down on the pavement and begin to chalk draw and don’t stop until the class has to leave.

A little girl making a BIG drawing that takes several other classes to fill in.

Kids wanting to show me their drawings.

Kids asking for help with their drawings.

A boy looking lost, I get him to draw with me, we draw a basketball and fill it in with wild colors.

Special Ed class, fun kids!

A teacher can’t draw, not because she didn’t want to but her knees wouldn’t let her, so I offer to draw for her. She picked the colors and I start to draw a star…. other kids come over and help.

I am being interviewed on video, kids come over to hang out with me (really to be on camera) and I end up interviewing them on why art is good for them.

Kids at recess come over and ask it they could draw – YES!

A girl who I sense may feel neglected says wouldn’t be allowed to come on the big “Kids’ Chalk Art”drawing in June. I tell her she can come with her class on the field trip during class time. She had chalk all over herself and we had fun drawing together and talking.

A teacher bring a boy over to me, she said that he was caught drawing over other kid’s art and using angry words. I talked to him, talked about respect for others creativity, respect for oneself. I gave him some consequences. He had a make his best drawing and then show three other kids what he made. We also walked around together and looked and talked about the drawings that we liked.

This school has many kids from around the world, not much money, and fewer parents involved in school activities. Many kids may be struggling with English, but man…. could they draw!

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