*Concept Sketch for the Chalk Drawing

This morning I sat in on the Alameda district VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) meeting. Surprise budget cuts came down from the state at a price of four million dollars. There was a great deal of fear and anger in the room. Talks of closing down several elementary schools (one that my kid goes to) and taking away the elementary school music teachers from K – 3rd grade. And as a reminder here…. there are NO art teachers in any of the elementary schools here in Alameda.

I heard on the radio that there is a 3 trillion dollar military budget trying to get passed. Anything wrong with this picture? Big sigh…. I am interested in ways to initiate our youth so that they grow up past being adolescence in men’s bodies, generating fear, waging war, and using valuable resources – instead of taking on the responsibility for the well being of themselves, and for everyone and everything else on this planet. Why? because they know we are all just one big great beautiful creative family whose home is the Earth.