The chalk has arrived in Venezuela, that’s a big load off my shoulders.

Here’s silly one that just happened. Tues. night I finished teaching my last class of the semester at Menlo College (painting and collage). I arrived early to school and was going to work on my sketches for the 2 drawing that I will be doing next week. I placed the drawing pad on top of my truck.

I ended up getting into a painting that I was doing in class for the students and totally forgot about the drawings until I arrived at home at 9pm (45 minutes from school) WITHOUT the drawings. They were somewhere scattered on the dark freeway.

Luckily it’s not a big deal, the ideas and visuals are in my head and heart and I am already working them in a way I would of if I had the drawings – tracing paper with more versions. I just want to get them done by Sat. night.

I’m still on schedule and don’t need to stress. I plan well and can stay cool even though part of me (my inner little boy) is freaking about going to another country by myself and pulling off 2 big chalk drawings!!!!!