Dear Everyone,

Our month-long fund raising goal was $2,000. I am proud to say that we raised $3,346 with 57 donations!

Thank you!! Popovich, Corich, Marks, Thiel, Moore, McAleer, Alfresco, Ebnom, Childs, Wagner, Wagner, Martin, Afjei/Gudebski, Graves, Brautovich, Safier, Jacobs, Ortiz, Jarrett, Carlomagno, Jenssen, Watson, Rossiter, Layefsky, Carey, Hyde, Todd, Buelteman, Gilbert, Wang, Davis, Greenwald, Valente, Wengell, Stollman, Linayao, Morrison, Artz, Rentmeesters, Phoenix, Arts, Johnson, Garrett, Burnbaum, Burns, Wasmann, Tryon, Jensen, Lovejoy, Von Herrmann, Louchheim, Teall, McClain, Orr.

Over the month our project has begun to gain some attention. We are now working on connections in Argentina, Morocco, India, and the Netherlands. This is the beginning of a 1-3 year project to create the world’s largest illustrated story.

We are going to be chalk drawing on different continents, weaving one story together, giving diverse children and communities a way of being create together. GeoEye Satellite Imagery will be donating satellite photography when able. We are seeking several larger sponsors so if you know anyone, please help us connect.

Thanks again for your support and inspiration. If you wanted to donate to the project, you still can, and please do.

Please make checks out to: REWA
Mail to:
c/o Mark Wagner
27 Powers Court
Alameda, CA 94501

or us PayPal @

Creatively Yours,
~Mark Wagner