photo my Mike R0sati

Last night I went to the City Council meeting, waited for hours and then was able to address the City Council Members and the Mayor of Alameda. I told them I brought good news on a somewhat depressing night at City Hall. I gave everyone a print of our chalk salamander and gingko leaf art project and thanked them for their support, mainly in waving the $14,000 base rental fee and the special event permit.

They were excited, smiled, and really appreciated what we had done. The Mayor acknowledged us for pulling off a such a successful and large first time event. I spoke well about what we had done and what we are doing and invited the City to be connected to our future nonprofit projects.

Thank you again chalk team, we rocked & chalked and created a killer world record community art project!

sincerely yours,
Creative Director
Re-Enchanting the World Through Art