Kite photograph by Michael Layefsky

Aerial Photograph by Mark Wagner

I got up in an airplane on Sunday and this is what I saw! I used two cameras and photographed as much as I could. On the last pass I put the cameras down and just took it in, a very sweet moment. Good job everyone, well done!

We are still waiting for the satellite photograph. I heard they had a glitch and will be taking another photograph today. I’ll post it when I get it.

What now? I am beginning to clean up my office (chalk central), front yard (chalk central), hallway and closet (chalk central), and garage (chalk central). I was fortunate in the way the Universe supported me in this project. My family began a remodel of our house and we needed to move out. We found a house to rent right on the Base near where the chalk drawing was to happen. I was the closest person to the site which was very cool and convenient for me. Even when I flew overhead in the airplane, I saw my family and dog running out in front of the house on the street and waving.

I ‘d like to plug another personal project here. As I have worked on this project for the last two years, I have also finished my first book which is now for sale. It’s titled, “THE ART OF BEING A DAD (the First Seven Years). On sale now for $24.95 only through my dad book web site –

Creative Blessings to Everyone!