Valentine’s Day – hope you are feeling the love, if not… go look into the mirror and make it so. Something about today feels different, the sun has just come out, my wife has taken the kids to school (her day, yesterday was mine, we trade off), and the music is up loud. I just found a pile of great music, 124 songs for $20, and 3 of them are over an hour. All rave, trance, electronica music. Do a search in iTunes for GU Mixed.

Small Town, Big Vision. Alameda is a small city off the coast of Oakland CA. One mile wide by 12 miles long. The northern 1/3 of the island use to be NAS (Naval Air Station). Built during WWII for propeller airplanes for aircraft carriers. The area had excellent wind for flight. During the heavy war times the base was one of the hottest places on the west coast. The base closed in 1995 after being involved in WWII, Vietnam, Korea, the cold wars, and the Persian Gulf War.

The night of Sept. 11, 2001, I rode my motorcycle out onto the base, no one around. I stopped by the water and saw one lone plane up in the sky and I knew that it was a military plane, all the other planes in the country had been grounded. It was strange and wonderful to be there. Pretty interesting that we are now making some big art on the grounds, on the runway.

I send out prayers into the future where and when we are learn how to all to get along in powerful, life supporting, creative, respectful, mature, and amazing ways.

The chalk drawings that I included here are from the Youth in Arts, Italian Street Painting Festival that happens annually in San Rafael CA. Clayton Thiel and I have been working together for several years, making sculptures and chalk drawings. This is one we chalked in 2005.