Hello Everyone!

Fundraising Chalk Goal by Nov. 15, 2009 : $2000

Last year we set a world record for the largest chalk drawing. We also started the 501(c)3 nonprofit Re-Enchanting the World Through Art (REWA), which supports and inspires the creative spirit in youth and community.

Mark Wagner, the founder and original artist behind the Kids’ Chalk Art Project has a bigger vision, to create several large chalk drawing around the world, unified by a narrative creating the world largest illustrated story and setting another new world record.

The vision is happening sooner than anyone thought and even before we could go out and make any connections, the connections have found us. Our first storytelling gig is in Caracas, Venezuela, Dec. 2 – 7. Chalk will cost approx. $1200 to buy and ship (expensive to ship).

We are actually doing a combo fundraiser for chalk. We have continued to chalk draw over the last year, both locally and around the state (Alameda, San Leandro Juvenile Hall, Walnut Creek, Fresno). With the school budgets desperately tight we are suppling the chalk for these events, allowing kids and the community to draw and be creative.

Our simple short term goal over the next month is: $2000 by Nov. 15

This is:
10 people @ $200
20 people @ $100
40 people @ $50
or 100 people @ $20

Please help us out by donating now. Be part of setting another world record, be part of investing wisely and creatively into our youth and our global community. Send your check or donate online and receive a tax deductible donation letter.

Please make checks out to: REWA (Re-Enchanting the World Through Art)

Mail to:
c/o Mark Wagner
27 Powers Court
Alameda, CA 94501

or us PayPal @

Creatively Yours,

Kids’ Chalk Art Project – Guinness World Record
Mark Wagner: Creative Director