Yesterday chalk drawing at Walnut Creek Middle School.

Chalk Drawing with Artist Mark Wagner

Proposal: School Assembly, Chalk Drawing, Weekend Fundraiser

Elementary through High School

1) Mark Wagner will come to your school and present an assembly to share with students and teachers how he co-created the world”s largest chalk drawing, (a Guinness World Record), with the children of Alameda, CA, and which was completed on June 7, 2008.

2) Wagner will create a large professional chalk drawing on site with the help of a selected group of students.

3) Wagner will support your school in setting up a “draw-a-thon,” fundraiser to generate funding for each school’s art program. These fundraisers will take place on a designated Saturday morning on the school playground with students and parents.

Cost: $200 – $500. Chalk donated through REWA

Dear PTA and School Principals,

In collaboration with the City of Alameda, AUSD, the Alameda PTA Council, and AEF, artist Mark Wagner visited each elementary school last spring inviting the students to help him with a dream. The dream was to create the world”s largest chalk drawing, to raise awareness for the arts, to publicize that there were no art teachers in the elementary schools of Alameda, and to give the kids a creative experience that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Over two weeks AC transit bussed out entire elementary schools to the Alameda Naval Air Station to participate in the Kids” Chalk Art Project. In the end 6,000 people were involved, over 4,000 elementary school kids, who covered 90,000 sq. ft. of pavement (the size of almost two football fields), and set a new world record which was photographed by a satellite.


Out of this project a nonprofit was created, Re-Enchanting the World Through Art (REWA), which supports and inspires the creative spirit in youth and community. Today there is a book and 30 minute documentary film about the project, Small Town ~ Big Vision. The Making of a World Record Chalk Drawing.

The assembly proposal involves Mark Wagner visiting your school and presenting through laptop and projector images, the world of chalk drawing and street painting festivals around the country, and photographs from the year of chalk drawing here in Alameda that climaxed in the Guinness World Record (photos to be published in their next book.)

Included is a Saturday morning chalk drawing event at your school (fall or spring weather pending) where the students are able to be creative with their parents. A “draw-a-thon” can take place where children get sponsored by friends and family to draw for ½ hour generating funding for your school”s visual art program.

Your school can then easily reproduce this event over the years to come creating a simple long-term sustainable funding and excitement for an integral visual arts program at your school.


About Mark Wagner: Mark Wagner, MA is the visionary behind the Kids’ Chalk Art Project. Wagner’s first artistic adventures were in rural Pennsylvania where as a second grader when he began to draw monsters and spaceships. Wagner credits his brother for sparking a desire to draw and his mother for her encouragement.

Wagner’s artistic endeavors span 40 years. He holds a MA from John F. Kennedy University, and a BFA from Pratt Institute. Wagner is involved in the film industry as a professional concept artist recently working for Pixar “drawing monsters and spaceship,” in addition to his work as graphic designer, illustrator, author, musician, and fine artist. His professional work can be seen @

Wagner created a year-long pilot artist-in-residency program at Franklin Elementary School and has taught art and creativity in a variety of venues from digital art colleges to graduate school and prison, inspiring people of all ages to gain access to their own creative spirit. Wagner is also the author of “The Art of Being A Dad.” Wagner lives in Alameda with his wife, writer Laurie Wagner and their two children.

Mark Wagner

Hearts & Bones Studio

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