*Hands and Chalk

Today, Sunday…. up early, this project now has me non stop. I work/play all the time on this project. It’s way too much fun – a two year project I originally created – so cool, great way to stay connected and excited about something, have it come from inside you. I’ll also be glad when its over. I have put my heart and soul into it and a few thousand hours into it and does need to end, come to a completion, get freaking drawn!

Today I am going to finalize the site drawing. Our big salamander in a square with lots of space to draw, color, and be creative inside of it. I need to look at more of the kids chalk drawings from all the schools I have been going to. I don’t want the art to look grown up, so it’s a place where I as the professional artist meets the world of kid art – not a big stretch.

This weeks looks a little crazy, last week before we begin to draw which will be next Sat. when begin to lay out initial line work. I have 4 lecture/presentations and 2 chalk drawings at elementary school. I am still hoping to get into a middle school or two. Wish me luck!