*survey marker at site

What we need now is to have our site street cleaned, we need the lightly crumbling surface scrubbed and vacuumed, the way a street cleaner does. We asked the city awhile ago and got a no. I thought I’d ask again, in a different way, in a pretty-please! I bought a dozen roses and took them over to City Hall and left them for the City Manager with this note.

I thought it would be nice to drop off some flowers and thank you for your help and the city”s support for our project. We couldn’t do this without you. And now you might be thinking, “OK, what do they want now?” It’s true… what we rally need help with on our epic large community art project is to have the base site “street cleaned.”

The taxiway is generally in good shape, it”s the old and crumbling top surface that is the issue for us. Street cleaning our 300 x 300 ft. area will; allow us to use less chalk reducing our cost, keep more chalk on the pavement and not in the little rolling surface pebbles moving around on the ground. Street cleaning will keep chalk from being blown away in the afternoon winds and keep more chalk staying on our drawing over two weeks. Street cleaning will pick up small pieces of glass, protecting thousands of finger and knees of our kids and adults who will be helping us draw.

Please let me know if this is a possibility (have my fingers crossed). Our site area between the control tower and building #25. We have the site surveyed and there are orange markers on the ground. I live on the base and can get out there quickly and put cones out to help.

It should do the trick…. stay tuned!