You might be asking, how much chalk? A lot of chalk!

Two more days to go. I still wake up at 5am and my mind starts to race about what still needs to be done. The only thing that worked this morning was to pull my dog near and put my head up against the back of his head and to meditate on something else – got me another 1/2 hour of rest.

I stayed up late with a team member who helped me with information signs that we will be using on site; like who are we, what are we doing, and why art is good for kids and the World.

I am noticing many things throughout the evolution of this amazing project. Yesterday I saw boys who are into sports drawing a baseball field. This is one of the great things about art, it’s not about being an “artist,” it’s about enjoying the expression of things that you love.

The boys with cameras on poles showed up and we all got some awesome shots, long shadows as the sunset right over the city line of San Francisco. Best day and evening weather so far, really nice!

I realized this project and salamander/gingko drawing has it’s own living mascot. Zander.