We start off in a circle around the heart of our BIG Salamander (remember and imagine 90,000 sq. ft – almost two football fields). Kids are so cool, some of the parents and teachers stand around and have to be gently encouraged to get color on their hands and draw on the ground, but kids…. they just go, they are animals around a new box of brightly colored chalk.

I am showing each group of kids (could be 10 groups in a day) our Salamander & Gingko drawing, pointing to the corners of our piece so they can see how big it really is.

It’s now Weds. AM and we are ahead of schedule, the kids want more space, they want to draw big drawings, they are disappointed when I herd them back to the group and to where we are drawing.

Today is a light load of kids, next two final days after that are full mornings packed with young creative souls. Thurs. we have almost 440 elementary school kids coming to draw.

The issue is having enough drawing space on Sat. when we are expecting a few thousand people show up ready to draw. My new idea is to make a frame around our drawing and let that be filled in. We will also need help in filling in all the empty spaces on our large drawing.

Photo credits: top two- Mike Rosati, bottom – Michael Layefsky