Another day on site. Franklin Elementary School showed up in force, everyone coming and leaving before noon. Franklin is the school my kids go/went to, it’s the school I first started to chalk draw with kids and where I create a year long artist-in-residency that had a big impact on me creatively that was part of the reason for this big vision.

Sasha and Cristin are two of the queenpins to make this entire event happen. Rev. Sasha Childs is working with the art and spirit side of things, and Cristin is the Project Manager. Cristin has been on the project for almost two years.

ABC Channel 7 “View from the Bay” showed up yesterday and filmed live. We had kids after school from a Special Ed High School, preschool, and Girls Inc.

We are on target, actually ahead, and doing great budget wise. It’s a big relief, I can see the finish line, and there is still lots to do before Sat. We are having a team meeting Thurs. night to see what still needs to happen before the big event.


Zander helping out, catching wind blowing erasers!