Storybook Planet


-Photo from world record 2008, Alameda CA, USAFinally came up with a name for the present project.Storybook PlanetA Tale Drawn Around the WorldGot the url: [...]

Storybook Planet2011-03-09T05:20:10-08:00

111 Posts


-Posted 111 times on this blog, 255 images,and received a total of 17, 834 views.Photo by Bruno FabrianiBruno is a wonderful street painter from Italy. [...]

111 Posts2011-03-09T05:20:10-08:00

Chalk ~ Kids ~ Venezuela


-Mark Wagner and the younger artists of VenezuelaPhotos are by Ana MorenoI am still posting photos from my Dec. trip to Venezuela. My last post [...]

Chalk ~ Kids ~ Venezuela2011-03-09T05:20:11-08:00

Satellite Photograph of Venezuela Street Painting


-GeoEye Satellite Imagerywas so generous to have a satellite overhead to take a photograph of our street painting on Friday, Dec. 4, 2009. It's not [...]

Satellite Photograph of Venezuela Street Painting2011-03-09T05:20:11-08:00

Venezuela: Amazing ~ Asombroso


-Wow.... I was in Caracas, Venezuela for almost a week and man, did we lay down some chalk! The center of our hearts overflowed with [...]

Venezuela: Amazing ~ Asombroso2011-03-09T05:20:11-08:00

Caracas, Venezuela – Still Breathless


-Day Two: it's a little beyond words...the entire trip so far. Meeting the right people all along the journey, being so taken care of from [...]

Caracas, Venezuela – Still Breathless2011-03-09T05:20:12-08:00

Can You Believe It? Freak-Out….


-Yes, my video card on my laptop died, can you believe it. And it can't be fixed in time before I go. Yes, I freaked [...]

Can You Believe It? Freak-Out….2011-03-09T05:20:12-08:00

They were somewhere scattered on the dark freeway!


-The chalk has arrived in Venezuela, that's a big load off my shoulders.Here's silly one that just happened. Tues. night I finished teaching my last [...]

They were somewhere scattered on the dark freeway!2011-03-09T05:20:12-08:00

8,000 Pieces of Chalk to Venezuela


-Friday I FedXed five boxes of chalk to Venezuela. 8,000 pieces of chalk and 10 bags of powered chalk. I had 2 cases of chalk [...]

8,000 Pieces of Chalk to Venezuela2011-03-09T05:20:12-08:00
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