Salamander Eye

Someone told me about how a salamander is the only vertebrate that can regrow a lost limb, that’s pretty powerful stuff. I have a sense that what happened with our big chalk drawing was/is that we regenerated a creative part of ourselves that was like a lost limb, as individuals and perhaps ever more importantly, as a community creating together.

Our “official” artist/body count is 5678 people, with 3863 elementary school kids, parents, teachers, and 1816 people on Sat. That’s so cool! I add another 250 + with our team and other people coming to draw over the two weeks. So I call it 6000 artists working together to create something one could not create by themselves and only in collaboration.

We had a team wrap meeting last night. We each told our memorable moments, we laughed a lot, acknowledged each other, spoke about what worked and what didn’t work. All in all it was an awesome, amazing, and transformative project.

I can take credit for the initial idea (though that was a string of separate pieces of information that all come together in a vision), now add 6000 people plus another 1000 + people who heard about it, supported it from afar, worked behind the scenes, drove the buses, did the interviews, worked on the accounting, talked to other people, help out with insurance and licenses, wrote contracts, called other people, and had a limb in the project.

And add at least one dog.