Things are moving along at a fast click. We are having weekly team meetings, seeking an immediate fund raising person and down the short road events producer. Everyone is constantly networking and spreading the word to get the buzz going and out into the world.

We have begun to visit all the elementary schools of Alameda CA, presenting out project using a laptop and projector. We begin by using Google Earth and start in outer space zooming down, giving quick geography lessons until we see the small island of Alameda (off the coast of Oakland). We zoom in until we are at the kid’s school (they love this). We then visit the site on the Base where we will be drawing come end of May. At the end we tell the kids an on-going evolving story about 2 kids getting lost and how they help and are helped out by the environment and by animals that are their school mascots (totem animals like the Falcon, Otter, or Owl). Then we go chalk draw on the playground.

We are excited to be having an article come out this week about our project by “Edutopia”, a magazine by the George Lucas Education Foundation. Should come out Weds. Jan. 23. It will be in the “Head of Class” section.

We networked well at the Mac World Expo in San Francisco. Good things should come out of that! Stay tuned…

Updated FlickR Gallery with various Chalk Drawings Events including the schools.

~Mark Wagner
Creative Director
Alameda, CA USA – Photo: © Google Earth